When Hudson Technologies rolled out a new quality management software system last year, we expected the investment to help us improve the way we organize and track our quality, continuous improvement and training related information. What we didn’t expect was how helpful customers would find it, too.

Our customers run the gamut ranging from high-volume, publicly traded, multinational companies competing in highly regulated industries, to low-volume entrepreneurial start-ups and owner-operators.

Some customers bring in a team of auditors to examine our processes and procedures with a fine tooth comb. For others, providing proof that we successfully maintain our quality standards is reassurance enough that we can meet their supplier requirements.

Regardless of the size of the purchase order, or the sophistication of the product design, everyone really just wants the same thing – a trusted partner who consistently delivers quality parts, at a fair value, on time.

When we can work with customers to establish realistic expectations it not only helps us deliver on their requirements but it helps build trust into the relationship.

So when these same customers, even ones exponentially larger than we are, see what we are doing and start asking us for advice and recommendations, that hits home.

For us, process really is as important as product. When customers can find value in HOW we do something, in addition to WHAT we do, that’s a win-win scenario.

Look around and you, too, may be able to find value for your customers in some surprising places.