Metal Injection Molding (MIM) vs. Deep Drawn Stamping (DDS)

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Creating industry-defining metal components starts by forging raw metal into the ideal shape and size. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of techniques available to help you create high-performing metal components. It can be challenging to decide which method works best for your project. Each[…]

2022 Deep Drawn Stamping Trends

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In 2021, the phrase “supply chain” continued to make mainstream news just as it had done at the outset of the pandemic. Consumers have come to associate the phrase with the absence of their favorite brands from store shelves. However, for the U.S. manufacturing industry, including the deep drawn[…]

Metal Diaphragm Material Selection

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Metal diaphragms are plates of metal built to axially deform and regulate pressure. Various systems across industries use the diaphragms to separate opposing fluids, regulate or cap pressure levels, indicate when pressure levels reach above certain thresholds, and more. For example, food[…]

Guide to Heat Treating Deep Drawn Stamped Components

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For applications requiring complex parts and efficient, repeatable manufacturing processes, deep drawn stamping is one of the best processes to use. Deep drawn stamping can manufacture high volumes of parts with a combination of speed, accuracy, and consistency. It also produces parts in a single[…]

Reducing Lead Times When Manufacturing Metal Components

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Metal fabrication encompasses various processes that turn metal stock material into finished components and goods. Each fabrication method requires a different set of skills, training, and specialized equipment. The time it takes to complete a metal fabrication project can vary widely based on the[…]

Deep Drawn Stamped Solutions for the Medical Industry

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Good medical devices must satisfy three categories: they achieve tight tolerances, healthcare professionals can easily use them, and they help the patient heal. High-quality equipment and tooling ensure high-quality end parts for medical applications ranging from device pumps and motors to[…]

Tips for Deep Drawing Stainless Steel

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Manufacturing with stainless steel provides many of the benefits of steel without the high potential for rust and corrosion. The chemical composition of stainless steel includes at least 10.5% chromium, as well as iron, nickel, and manganese. When exposed to air, the chromium in stainless steel[…]

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