Metal stamping is a process that transforms flat sheets of metal into different shapes. It is done through a process called cold forming, using dies and stamping presses. A high volume of identical components can be produced with metal stamping, and it is generally faster and more affordable than other metal fabrication processes.

While many tooling processes can be accomplished with speed, economy, and a high degree of quality and reliability, there are times when custom metal stamping will offer superior results. The challenge for customers attempting to choose between custom and standard metal stamping hinges on their budgetary and time restrictions. Custom tooling necessitates investing in the product research, development, and testing, whereas standard metal stamping products have already been vetted for defined applications.

Benefits of Standard Metal Stamping

When the word “custom” is used to describe a part, particularly within a highly specialized field, it can be perceived as preferable to a standard line of products. However, many components that are now standard started as custom projects. Even though custom parts are tailored to the user’s exact specifications, they may not necessarily be the best choice when you consider the time and cost that it takes to produce them. Standard components take advantage of economies of scale in production, and they also benefit from years of testing and retooling to make designs as efficient as possible.

Hudson Technologies has an extensive catalog of metal stamping options that can give quality results that rival custom metal stamping. Over our history, we have developed our own standard tolerances, which we adhere to stringently. We can also modify our standard offerings to include even stricter tolerances or modifications with little to no custom tooling.

The benefits of choosing from our standard tools and parts offerings include:

  • Choice: A vast array of over 15,000 available shapes & sizes.
  • Flexibility: Easily modifiable components with brackets, holes, slots, thread inserts, and more optional features.
  • Finish: You can choose the finishing options that best fit your application.
  • Assembled-to-Order: We offer subassembly of other components into the enclosure.

Benefits of Custom Metal Stamping

Standard vs. Custom Metal Stamping

There are also times, however, when the specification for your product requires customized tooling. For these situations, Hudson Technologies has years of experience designing, manufacturing, and finishing custom metal parts using metal stamping. We can engineer a solution that meets your budgetary and performance requirements, and our customers retain full ownership of the proprietary component after the project is finished.

Our 15,000-sq.-ft., AS9100D-certified facility can produce parts of any shape or size. For our customers, that means we can meet or exceed market standards and ensure products are created consistently with the highest-quality materials, even when parts are fabricated to tight tolerances.

Choosing Hudson Technologies for your custom-made metal stamping products provides many advantages, including:

  • Accuracy: The technical capability to adhere to exact client specifications.
  • Reliability: Design and engineering teams that leverage their expertise to meet performance, cost, and manufacturability requirements.
  • Customization: In-house custom tooling to fit unique applications.
  • Proprietary Ownership: Complete customer ownership of tooling upon product completion.

Metal Stamping Services From Hudson Technologies

All of Hudson Technologies’ tooling is performed in-house with quality, reliability, and manufacturability in mind. We take great pride in our creative collaborations with our customers to ensure they get exactly what they need, whether it is adjusting standard metal stamping components or creating custom ones. Our teams run a total of 130 forming presses around the clock.

To learn more about our metal stamping services, contact us today. You may also submit a request for a quote online.